Sportable Volunteer/Coach Code of Conduct


The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines that help assure that Sportable programs provide an environment that allows athletes to function at their maximum potential while representing the organization with the highest standards of personal integrity, truthfulness, honesty, and fortitude.  Sportable, at its sole discretion, makes the final determination on whether an individual is eligible to become a Sportable member.

All volunteers shall realize that participation in any of the Sportable programs or events is a privilege, not a right.  Anything that is deemed inappropriate, derogatory, or disrespectful could be grounds for exclusion of future involvement with Sportable programs or future activities.


All Volunteers/Coaches will respect themselves, athletes, other volunteers/coaches, opponents, teammates, officials, and spectators at all times.  Acting or saying anything that could be deemed disrespectful toward any participant will not be tolerated. 

Volunteers/Coaches are expected to promote athletes to strive for excellence in all aspects of their athletic careers including athletic performance and personal management. 

All volunteers/coaches shall maintain high standards of moral and ethical conduct, which includes self-control, responsible behavior, and consideration for physical and emotional well-being of themselves and other members, as well as courtesy and good manners.  Volunteers/coaches shall conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner consistent with the spirit of fair play and responsible conduct at all times and all places. 

All Volunteers/Coaches shall comply with all organizational team rules, and policies regarding participation and eligibility.

Volunteers/Coaches shall not use illegal substances, performance-enhancing supplements, and recreational drugs.

Volunteers/Coaches are expected to attend all practices, team meetings, and competitions or communicate in advance with coaches and program managers when a conflict occurs.

All Volunteers/Coaches shall report to appropriate Sportable staff or coach any injury or aggravating condition that occurs as a result of a Sportable activity. 

All Volunteers/Coaches shall report any problems or concerns with another participant, coach, or volunteer to program staff.

All Volunteers/Coaches will respect members of their team, other teams, spectators, and/or officials, and engage in no form of discriminatory behavior or in any form of verbal, physical, or sexual harassment or abuse.  The term “harassment” includes, but is not limited to; offensive language, jokes, or other verbal, graphic or physical conduct relating to the above aforementioned race, sex, religion, color, national origin, age, disability, or other factors protected by law, which would make the reasonable person experiencing the harassment uncomfortable or which could interfere with the person’s athletic performance. 

Volunteers/Coaches recognize that Sportable is their “home” and shall show respect for the physical environment of the facilities by assisting to maintain a clean, safe and tidy environment.  Volunteers/Coaches will maintain a similar environment at any other locale, including competition and training venues, lodging, and where they are participating as a representative of the Sportable organization.

Volunteers/Coaches shall dress in an appropriate manner at all times in order to reflect a positive image of oneself and Sportable. Any Volunteers/Coaches dressed in inappropriate attire as deemed by Sportable Staff will be asked to correct the issue. If the issue cannot be corrected, the athlete will be asked to leave the premises. 

Volunteers/Coaches shall respect Sportable’s athletes and their own adaptive equipment and sporting equipment.  Volunteers/Coaches shall not make changes to any equipment that is not their own without the permission of a Sportable Staff member or the owner of said equipment. 

Volunteers/Coaches are expected to abide by “The Sportable Way” at Sportable programming and events, and also when representing Sportable at competitions, community outreach, school programs, etc.


Athletes and volunteers are expected to use appropriate language.  Use of profane or abusive language and obscene gestures will not be tolerated.

I understand that participation with Sportable is a privilege that can be taken away at any time.  I acknowledge that my failure to comply with this Code of Conduct could result in suspension or termination from volunteering or coaching with a program or event.