Join Sportable

Sportable offers membership packages to provide our athletes with more opportunities for sport participation and incentives to meet your health and wellness goals.


Membership Levels:

Amateur Membership – $15/month

Includes up to 3 sports programs of choice per year

Professional Membership – $25/month

Includes unlimited sports programs of your choice per year

Team Membership – $500/team

Includes up to 10 memberships for up to 3 sports programs per year


Membership Benefits include:

  • Free annual YMCA membership($660 value)

Please Note: YMCA benefits are for athletes ACTIVELY participating in sports programs

  • Free monthly equipment rental (up to a $675 value – subject to availability)
  • Free participation in Member Only events
  • Free Sportable T-Shirt


Additional fees may apply for camps, clinics, competition registrations, and tournament travel.

Athletes may upgrade their membership at any time.


Sportable Interest Form

Submit the interest form below to be contacted by a Sportable team member.  Sportable’s knowledgeable staff will guide you on how to get involved: