Our Board

Christie-Wilson-e1567692090109 600

Christie Wilson

Middle School Director of Student Life Math teacher at St. Christopher's School

Alan Lombardo

Vice Chair
CEO at Sheltering Arms Institute
Zaremba-Scott 600

Scott Zaremba

Community Volunteer
Wayne-Duman-e1567692461522 600

Wayne Duman

Vice President, Financial Management at Dominion Energy
Missy-Bass-e1567692305318 600

Missy Bass

Production Manager at C&F Mortgage Corporation
Bowles-Clay 600

Clay Bowles

Deputy County Administrator at Chesterfield County
Byrd-Ryan 600

Ryan Byrd

Project Executive at Hourigan
Robert-Cowgill-e1567692345353 600

Robert L. Cowgill

Virginia State President at South State Bank
Ensign-Corbin 600

Corbin Ensign

Senior Vice President at VAMAC
Fargis-Steve 600

Steve Fargis

Executive Vice President at Professional Risk Associates
Scott-Golden-e1567692394381 600

Scott Golden

Leader, External Communications & Community Engagement at Performance Food Group
Dohn-Guyer-e1567692175380 600

Dohn Guyer

Sr Manager Financial Technology at CarMax
Hieber-Eric 600

Eric Hieber

Director at Winged Keel Group
Knight-Natisha 600

Natisha Knight

Vice President of Community Engagement and Advocacy at Virginia Health Catalyst
Marchiano-Mandy 600

Mandy Marchiano

Sportable Athlete
Nash-Beth 600

Beth Nash

Community Volunteer
ONeill-Megan 600

Megan O'Neill

Chief Operating Officer at YMCA of Greater Richmond
Gray-McDermid-e1567692219476 600

J.C. Poma

Vice President of Community Relations at Richmond Region Tourism
Schmitt-Dan-Head-Shot 600

Dan Schmitt

President at RMC Events, Inc.

Megan Schultz

Chief Operating Officer at Sports Backers
Zack-Smith-e1567692493266 600

Zack Smith

CEO at PartnerMD

Scott Whitehead

Director of Underwriting and Production at Markel