Coaches' Corner

Coaches are integral to the athlete experience at Sportable. Our coaches provide adaptive sports expertise, run weekly practices, assist at competitions, and most importantly help athletes reach their goals. Most often, our coaches come from our amazing volunteer base.

Questions about becoming a Sportable Coach? Contact the Program Operations Team at

General Requirements

This allows us to capture all of your contact record information and keep track of your requirement expiration dates. The application is for coaches who did not start out as volunteers. 

Fill out the application HERE. 

Background checks are required for coaches 18 and older and must be completed every two years. You will be sent the link to submit a background check when yours has expired, or if you're new, you can submit a background check via the Volunteer Application. All background checks are free.

Coaches 18+ with a Sports and Recreation Organization are considered Mandated Reporters and are REQUIRED by state law to report suspected abuse and neglect of a youth.

To ensure you understand the law and how to report, our adult volunteers are REQUIRED to take the state’s Mandated Reporter training.

Want to know more about the law? Click on the two links below:

Coaches are required by Virginia Law to have annual concussion training. Other specifics required by law are outlined in our Concussion Policy. We expect coaches to adhere to the guidance provided in our Concussion Policy.

Sportable's Concussion Policy coming soon!

Click HERE to view the Code of Virginia.

You are only required to take ONE of the below trainings every year:

Abuse Prevention & Safety Training

Our Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy gives an overview of our policies & processes, training, reporting measures, and monitoring and enforcement of the policy.

Click HERE to view the policy.

Our Abuse Prevention Video Training Series provides an overview of expectations of coaches/volunteers, CPS Mandated Reporter Training, and appropriate and inappropriate verbal and physical interactions.

Coming soon!

Sport Safety One-pagers

Coming soon! 

  • Disability Etiquette
  • Brain Injury Training 
  • Spinal Cord Injury Training

Other Resources

The Sportable Volunteer Handbook provides a description of Sportable and our mission and it reviews volunteer expectations, roles, policies & procedures, and requirements. It's a great volunteer management resource for coaches.

Coming soon!