Adopt a Program

  • An organization or group can commit a certain number of volunteers per week for a season of a program.  Maybe your company offers paid volunteer hours, or you have a big friend group that’s passionate about a specific program, such as cycling. 
  • Fill out our Adopt a Program Form below to commit members of your group to a program season (our seasons typically last about 8 weeks).
    • Look through our current program volunteer opportunities to decide which program(s) you want to adopt!
    • Our Operations Manager will be in touch to guide your group through the volunteer registration process and get you in the game!
  • Regardless of how many people your group commits, you all will be creating opportunities and transforming lives through adaptive sports & recreation–you will be making a difference in the Richmond community!
  • Adopting a program helps ensure our programming happens every time that it is scheduled! If we don’t have enough volunteers, we may have to cancel a session, which in turn limits the access our members have to sports and recreation. Your weekly commitment is essential to keeping sports and recreation accessible in the Richmond area!
  • Have a Group Representative fill out the Adopt a Program Form to commit to a program and a number of volunteers per week. 
  • The Operations Manager will reach out to confirm the season, sport/recreation program, and number of volunteers and will provide all of the volunteer registration requirements. 
    • Volunteer Registration Requirements
      • We estimate that completing the below requirements takes about 90 minutes.
      • All ages
        • Volunteer Application 
        • Program Specific Registration 
      • Youth (ages 14-16) 
        • Parent application with passed CPS Mandated Reporter Training Certificate of Completion and Background Check 
        • Required to attend with registered parent or guardian
      • Adults (ages 18+) 
        • Child Protective Services (CPS) Mandated Reporter Training - one and done! 
        • Background Check - must be renewed every 2 years
  • Now you’re ready to attend the programs your group has adopted!

Adopt a Program Form

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