Army of Orange

Sportable is looking for people to join our army! As an Army of Orange fundraiser, you help Sportable fulfill its mission of providing sporting opportunities to those with physical and visual disabilities in our community by creating your own fundraising campaign or event. You support Sportable by doing the following: fighting for our athletes, advocating for our athletes, and raising funds for critical programming.

How It Works

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    Start a Fundraiser

    Celebrate your birthday, compete in a race, honor a loved one, start an online campaign, or plan an event. Do your thing and be creative!

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    Spread the Word

    – Share your Sportable story and tell people why you have chosen to be an Army of Orange fundraiser.

    – Send emails to your network and promote your campaign through social media channels.

    – Remember, the more you personalize, the more powerful it becomes!

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    – Online Campaign:

    Instruct people to make a donation on Sportable’s donation page (link) with the name of your fundraiser in the comment section.

    – Fundraising Event:

    Invite people to attend your event and share the impact it will have on our athletes.00

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    – Make sure to say thank you to everyone that supported your fundraiser. Handwritten notes and personalized emails are always a nice touch!

    – Development staff will keep you updated on the status of your online fundraiser and can give you the contact info of everyone you need to thank.

For more information or if you have any questions regarding your Army of Orange fundraiser, please contact Katy Latimer at (804) 304-2991 or