Wheelchair Basketball – Recreational

Designed for adult athletes with permanent lower limb impairments, wheelchair basketball promotes teamwork, sportsmanship, and camaraderie.

Not all players use wheelchairs for everyday mobility!

This weekly, one-hour series is geared towards older junior players (16+ and developing adult wheelchair basketball athletes with permanent lower limb impairments. Wheelchair basketball promotes teamwork, sportsmanship, and camaraderie. Not all players use wheelchairs for everyday mobility. Players must be able to independently push themselves in a sports wheelchair.

Play in pick up games, learn foundational skills, and take to the court with us! These sessions are perfect for recreational players looking to shoot some hoops for fun, learn the game, and play basketball OR for competitive players looking to get some additional warm-up time in before the competitive practice.

Who Can Play

Open to Sportable members, 16 years and older, who have a physical disability that impacts their lower body and can push themselves in a manual wheelchair. Players do NOT have to use a wheelchair for everyday mobility. Examples of Player Conditions: Spina Bifida, Spinal Cord Injuries, Lower Limb Amputees, Cerebral Palsy.

Learn more at https://www.nwba.org/page/show/3470107-player-eligibility

Younger players may join with prior permission from program staff.

When & Where

Wheelchair Basketball Open Gym

Program Leadership

2023.0425 Tyler Rowe

Tyler Rowe

Senior Program Coordinator
  • tyler@sportable.org

  • 804-340-2991


  • Sportable has opened up alot of opportunities for me! Participating in wheelchair basketball or applying for scholarships and grants wouldn’t have been possible without the exposure Sportable has given me. It is nice to be in an environment that is adaptable not only to me but the diverse teammates around me as well! My coaches are extremely knowledgeable about the sports of my choice, equipment, and are consistantly forming connections and partnerships that are beneficial to our community. Sportable brings in volunteers from the surrounding area that can get to see what our experience is like… Recreational sports has been as beneficial as my formal physical therapy! I will appreciate what this organization has done for me for a long time to come!


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