Join the Sportable Booster Club

The Sportable Booster Club is our new giving club for donors who make a monthly gift to support Sportable. You sustaining gift will ensure that sports and physical activity are accessible to individuals with physical disabilities and visual impairments in the Richmond region. From archery and kayaking to wheelchair rugby, there are over 15 adaptive sports to choose from to keep people active all year long. Without your support, few to no opportunities would exist for anyone with a physical disability to experience the life-changing benefits that participating in a sport can provide.

A monthly gift of any amount will make you part of our family of Sportable Boosters. We welcome you aboard and look forward to sharing special opportunities and moments throughout the year with you.

Make a Monthly Gift


“I think that those who believe in the work and mission of Sportable, like me, will be able to give at a higher level by spreading it out monthly, while helping to ensure the sustainability of the organization that operates year-round programming.”

-Kristin Lessig-Schenerlein, Co-founder, Sportable