Jakob Gorton: Collegiate Student-Athlete of the Year

“Without Sportable, I would have had nowhere to play wheelchair basketball. Having the community, the access to play basketball helped me get where I am today.”

University of Texas-Arlington wheelchair basketball player and Sportable’s Collegiate Student-Athlete of the Year, Jakob Gorton is known for being a high energy team player with a tenacious work ethic.

A two-time champion, Jakob also has a knack for collecting national titles. In his first year with the Sportable Spokes Varsity wheelchair basketball team at age 14, the Spokes won the NWBA National Invitation Tournament in Louisville, Kentucky.

He was not on the wheelchair basketball team when he first got to UTA in 2020, but that did not stop him from showing up for practice ready to play. It did not take long before the head coach offered him an official spot on the roster. A few months later, he was lifting the Collegiate National Wheelchair Basketball Championship trophy.

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