Chesterfield County: Community Partner of the Year

“This picture says 1,000 words. Kayaking is a great equalizer. Once you are on the water for the first time, it doesn’t matter whether you have a disability or not—the experience of freedom and awe is the same.”

Greg Velzy and his staff at Chesterfield Parks and Recreation Outdoor Adventure are more than happy to share their love of the outdoors with our athletes. They enthusiastically introduce kayaking and archery to people of all abilities and ages.

Chesterfield County not only provided accessible facilities for 11 of our programs last year, but its commitment to our mission and the deep passion its employees have for supporting our work earned the County this year’s Community Partner Award.

To honor our Sportable Heroes, The Schmitt Family matched all gifts up to $1,000. Support a Sportable Hero at

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