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Richmond, VA – (Monday, December 3, 2019) – A joint collaboration between Sportable and Richmond Community Rowing is proud to introduce the first-ever Veteran Rowing Program in 2020. Designed specifically to serve all military veterans with physical disabilities, visual impairments, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and other health related issues, the Veteran Rowing Program is a challenging and unique form of physical activity that promotes wellness, discipline, and teamwork.

The high performance adaptive rowing program provides accessible facilities, elite equipment, breathtaking skyline views, and the most experienced para rowing coaching staff in the region.

The basic philosophy of rowing – working together as a unit for a common goal – is also one of the principles that defines military service. Rowing is a tough workout and not everyone has the grit to row, but Veterans come ready to take on the challenge, no experience required.

The Veteran Rowing Program will introduce a high challenge/high support curriculum to build upon rowing foundations and expose Veterans to the technical aspects of the sport, including training approaches, race strategies, and advanced technique to create efficient rowing strokes. Each practice will start with a Team Talk to explain the goal of practice and end with a Team Debrief to explain concepts and drills achieved during the session. Individual goals of athletes will be taken into consideration and used as a platform to continue improving.

The curriculum will be broken down into three phases. Each phase will be oriented around a different aspect of training and will conclude with racing in June. The Erging Phase (January 14 – March 3) will focus on developing training habits and understanding the fundamentals of the rowing stroke while on land.  The Initial Rowing / Technical Phase (March 17 – April 28) will focus on technical work over race training and the Competition Phase (May 5 – June 2) will feature race preparation and strategy.

Through the generous support of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Grant Program, Sportable, and Richmond Community Rowing, this program is FREE for Veterans.

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