Sportable Hive Posted 2-2 Record at Commonwealth Cup

RICHMOND, VA – (Monday, November 25, 2019) – The Sportable Hive played in their first power soccer tournament of the season on Saturday, November 23. The Hive played four games, going 2-2, during the day-long tournament.

It was an up-and-down day for the Sportable Hive.

They played good all-around power soccer on both sides of the ball, leading to a 5-1 victory in game one. The Hive did a great job of controlling the game both on offense and defense. The opposition did not advance into Hive territory all game.

Later in the game, after numerous shot attempts, and despite some great defense by the opposition, the Hive went up 3-nil.

What proved to be the Hive’s best offensive push of the game put them up 4-1.

And late in the game, in opponent territory, the Hive almost scored yet another goal, on yet another great push offensively, which would have put them up 6-1, but a great block and a steal prevented the goal.

Game two was a different story.

The Tidewater Piranhas dominated all game long in what was a 12-nil loss for the Hive.  The opposition started the game aggressively and never let up, getting out to an early 4-nil lead.  At the end of the first half, the Hive were down 7-nil.

The second half played out much the same as the first half.

The opposition scored two quick goals right out of the half, putting the Hive behind 9-nil.
The opposition would go on to score three more goals the rest of the game.

Game three was a tough, physical, low scoring game — a nice change of pace from game two.
The Hive showed great defensive effort, as did the NOVA Patriots.

It was a tie game for most of the game.

Not only was it good defense that kept the game low-scoring, but both teams had lots of missed opportunities.

Many times when the Hive had the ball, they were able to move quickly up the court but could not score.

The deciding factor in this game was a goal scored for the Hive by one of the Patriots’ players who scored in his own goal.

That gave the Hive a 3-2 lead and eventually a 3-2 victory.

Game four was similar to game two. The Tidewater Piranhas controlled the game.

The Piranhas went ahead 1-nil almost immediately, and they would score goal after goal after goal the rest of the way.

The difference, however, was that the Hive played better defense than in game two.

With the Hive down 1-nil, the opposition brought the ball up the court into Hive territory, and though they did score, the defense displayed by the Hive made it a fight for their opponent to get a 2-nil lead.

And late in the game, the Piranhas got the ball to half court but could go no further after a terrific steal by the Hive, who then pushed their way into opponent territory but could not score.

With the victory, the Tidewater Piranhas went undefeated on the day to claim the inaugural Commonwealth Cup trophy.


Photo (c) Jessica Stone Hendricks Photography