Sportable Tailgate Presented by Dominion Energy

For 17 years, Sportable has been providing opportunities to people of all ages with physical disabilities and visual impairments to participate in sports. From cycling and tennis to wheelchair basketball and rugby, our athletes have participated in a range of activities. 

The Sportable Athlete Tailgate presented by Hourigan and hosted by the Associate Board will kick off Tailgate Season with pizza and RVA craft beer on Thursday, September 22. C&F Bank and Sheltering Arms Institute are slated to host Tailgate happy hours, while dozens of Sportable families, donors, and supporters plan to host personalized parties through October 2 with a goal to fundraise $110,000.

If you can’t host an event this year, please consider supporting someone else’s Tailgate Fundraiser!



“I tailgate for the athletes and teammates that I have gained over the many years that I have been involved with Sportable. I also tailgate to be involved with competitive athletics at its finest and that is what Sportable offers me. I also tailgate for the opportunity to get other people with all kinds of disabilities out into a physical environment where they can gain exercise, confidence, and enthusiasm around their sport or exercise. WHY DO YOU TAILGATE?”

Matthew Shapiro, Sportable Athlete


Katy Latimer, Development Director