Conflict of Interest-Employee


Conflicts of Interest Defined

Individuals employed by Sportable may hold outside jobs as long as they meet the performance standards of their job with Sportable. Employees should consider the impact that outside employment may have on their ability to perform their duties at Sportable. All employees will be evaluated by the same performance standards and will be subject to Sportable scheduling demands, regardless of any outside work requirements. If Sportable determines that an employee’s outside work interferes with their job performance or their ability to meet the requirements of Sportable, as they are modified from time to time, the employee may be asked to terminate the outside employment if he or she wishes to remain employed with Sportable. Outside employment that constitutes a conflict of interest is prohibited. For example, employees may not receive any income or material gain from individuals or organizations for materials produced or services rendered while performing their jobs with Sportable. A conflict of interest can occur when an employee is in a position to influence a decision that may result in a personal gain for the employee or the employee's family member as a result of Sportable’s business dealings. Sportable prohibits employees from seeking or accepting any personal gifts, favors, payment, or loans for themselves or their family members from any donor, client, supplier, vendor, or other party doing business with Sportable. If an employee violates this policy, Sportable will take prompt corrective action, including discipline, if appropriate. Employees who become aware of any potential conflict of interest, ethical concern, or suspected violation of law must contact a supervisor or the Executive Director. Sportable will investigate all concerns regarding conflicts of interest and will determine whether a conflict of interest exists and what action should be taken. Sportable prohibits any form of discipline or retaliation for reporting a potential conflict of interest, ethics violation, suspected violation of law, or violation of this policy or cooperating in related investigations.
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