Sportable Confidentiality Agreement

As a staff member, volunteer, board member, and/or intern of Sportable (team member), I acknowledge that I may have access to the organization’s data, plans, decisions, and/or other confidential information, such as financial statistics, employee data, client lists, participant information, or marketing plans. No team member may use or release this kind of information to others for their own use, personal profit, or benefit. This applies to the use of confidential information about agencies with which Sportable partners, or is considering establishing a partnership.

You must regard personal information about team members as confidential in order to preserve the privacy of our team members and the community that makes up Sportable. Team members who handle confidential information or who have access to such information, whether physical, electronic, or otherwise, are responsible for the careful use, distribution, and disposal of such information.

Team members must also handle and respect client confidential information. Except as permitted by law and Company policy, team members shall not:

  • Disclose personal information about participants to unauthorized persons;
  • Disclose participant information or the location of participants to any unauthorized persons;
  • Tamper with or intrude upon any voice, video, data, or fax transmission; or
  • Allow access to any communication distributed or transmitted by Sportable.

I will take reasonable care to properly secure confidential information on my computer and will take steps to ensure that others cannot view or access such information when I am utilizing a Sportable computer or conducting business on behalf of Sportable with my personal computer. When I am away from my workstation or when my tasks are completed, I will log off my computer or use a password protected screensaver in order to prevent access by unauthorized users.

I will not disclose my personal password(s) to anyone without the express written permission of my department head or record or post it in an accessible location and will refrain from performing any tasks using another's password.